GieBiz Plan Review

Status of GieBiz Plan Review- Paying Right Now .
Joining Package Only - 3,500/- with open Choice products.
Daily Binary Capping - Capping 3,000 Income
Minimum Withdrawal - INR Rs. 5,00 (manual withdrawal)

About GieBiz Plan ?

GieBiz is a product based direct selling company. We are working on networking module towards selling our products manufacture to the consumer directly.
Our main focus has always been providing excellent products and services to our customers and making a benchmark in the field of our industry. Our team is focused on our client’s success. We emphasise more on creativity and our team leaders are visionary entrepreneurs who continue work for the best for our clients.

GieBiz is one of the leading product based company and head quarter in Delhi India. Our core goals of business to exploring product marketing across India. Based on reviews and company leaders prospective we have settled our company in Delhi. We are well known in the field of product based marketing because our genuine plans always exceeded our client satisfactions.

GieBiz E-Commerce Is A Product Based Direct Selling Company We Are Working On Networking Module Towards Selling Our Products Manufacture To The Consumer Directly.

Digital India e-commerce is a product based direct selling company. We are working on networking module towards selling our products manufacture to the consumer directly.

Key Features of GieBiz Plan:

  • You get Product Item on all the Joining Amount package
  • You get Product Item GST Paid Invoice +
  • *Daily Closing and 15 days Payout
  • Payments withdrawal directly in Bank Account
  • Total deduction 10% (TDS 5% + Admin 5%)
  • You get complete promotional material after activation of your ID
  • Product delivered within 5-7 days
  • In future, Company will shipping Onlie GieBiz Portal

GieBiz Joining Package with product :

Package Package Amount Product Value Capping
Basic 3,500 3,500 3,000
Classic 5,999 5,999 3,000
Platinum 8,999 8,999 3,000
Diamond 13,999 13,999 3,000

GieBiz Plan Offers 05 (five) Types of Income :

(1) Matching Bonus

Important Income of this plan is Matching Bonus Income, where you do not have to do anything and you get money automatically.

You get Matching Bonus will be count as par pair Income of the business value matching on both legs Left and Right side (1:1 ratio unlimited depth). Two direct referral is must.

Power Leg Carry Forward and Binary Capping as mentioned in Plan.

giebiz Matching Bonus

(2) Business Promotion Provision

Business Promotion Provision (Every Income count in one calendar month) Salary will be Fixed for 6 months

Pair Rs. Months
10 Rs. 1,000 1000 X 6 = Rs. 6,000
20 Rs. 2,000 2,000 X 6 = 12,000
50 Rs. 5,000 5,000 X 6 = 30,000
100 Rs. 10,000 10,000 X 6 = 60,000
200 Rs. 20,000 20,00 X 6 = 1,20,000
500 Rs. 50,000 50,000 X 6 = 3,00,000
1000 Rs. 1,00,000 1,00,000 X 6 = 6,00,000
(Every Income count in one calendar month)

(3) level Income

अपने Direct दोनों तरफ एक-एक Referral

के बाद जितने भी आप Direct sponsor करेंगे उनकी बाइनरी का
1st level 4% ,
2nd level 3% ,
3th level 2%,
4th level 1% and * मिलने लगेगा |

yoyorooms binary income

(4) Royalty

Business Promotion Provision (Every Income count in one calendar month) Salary will be Fixed for 6 months

S.No DESIGNATION Company Turner over
01 Silver Club 2%
02 Gold Club 1%
03 Diamond Club 1%
(5) Rewards Income

अगर आप कंपनी के लिए खुलकर कार्य करते है और कंपनी को बेहतर Customer देते है
तो कंपनी आपको Extra Promotional Rewards देती है |

GieBiz Rewards

How To Join GieBiz Plan ?

  • First of All Click On
  • Sponsor id- * Joining left side
  • Full Name (as per PAN Card & Bank Account)
  • Desired Username (Of your choice)
  • Choose Password (of your choice but keep confidential) and re-confirm your Password
  • Valid E-Mail ID
  • Valid Mobile Number (Very important for OTP)
  • Select Country & City
  • Type Address & Area Pin Code (This can also be changed after login Dashboard under Profile Information)
  • Type Sponsor User Name as
  • Tick the I Agree Terms of Services
  • Then finally Click on Register Button.
  • Product delivered within 5-7 days

GieBiz Product & Prices

GieBiz e-Commerce SERVICE

Giebiz respects the privacy of all visitors to its website and is highly committed to maintaining the privacy of all online visitors to its website

If you place an order on , we collect your name, e-mail address, mobile number, billing and shipping information in order to complete and deliver your order.

To make your shopping experience as nice as possible we, with your permission, collect personal information about your orders and the use of our services. With this information we can personalize the website and recommend products you might be interested in.

We collect your information in an aggregated form to compile statistical and demographical profiles for our marketing and rebranding activites. If you make an account at we will collect your information on a secure server. You are asked to fill in your name, e-mail address, billing and shipping information so that you don’t have to fill in this again for any following purchases.

The information we collect about both the use of our site(s) and the feedback help us to develop and improve the website(s). With your permission we will inform you on new features, specials and other promotional activities of If you do not want this, you can change this in your account settings or send us an e-mail at

We will not share (or sell) the information you provide us with third parties unless we first obtain your consent. We will also give you the opportunity of opting out of other uses that we might make of any of the information you provide to us.

*🤝🎯 GieBiz Plan - आ गया धूम मचानें एक धमाकेदार Big Profile Company - with Liability free - product base Plan and strong Legal Base Company. _🎯🤝 *
🌸CompanyProfile:10 year old big profile
🇮🇳Head office: Delhi
*Mlm / Direct Selling History me First Time कंपनी की प्लानिंग को देखकर पूर्ण रूप से संतुष्ट होकर ज्वॉइन कर रहे है। ओर अच्छी आय/इनकम प्राप्त कर रहे है * *
🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱 🎗🕐Pre Launch 15 April 2019🕐
🎗 🚄🚄🚄🚄🚄🚄🚄🚄🚄🚄
📦 Products 📦:
- 🔰(1) Ayurvedic Product.
🔰(2) Healthcare Product *
*🔰(3) Garments
🔰(4) Electronic Product
🔰(5) Alkaline Water Purifiers & etc
*joining package 💼:
1:- Basic Package 3,500₹ = 🛍 Products
2:- Classic Package 5,999₹ = 🛍 Products
3:- Platinum Package 8,999₹ = 🛍 Products
4:- Diamond Package 13,999₹ = 🛍 Products

* GieBiz Plan Offers 05 (five) Types of Income :*
💫 Matching Bonus
💫 Business Promotion Provision
💫 Direct Referral Bonus
💫 Royalty(Company Turner over 2%)
💫 Rewards Income (No-Time Limit)
🥇 ✈🚀💷💷💷✈🚀
(1):- Matching Bonus pre pair 1000 Daily 3 pair capping (3000)
(2):- Business Promotion Provision
👉🏼Pair 10 per month 1,000 X 6 months
👉🏼Pair 20 per month 2,000 X 6 months
👉🏼Pair 50 per month 5,000 X 6 months
👉🏼Pair 100 per month 10,000 X 6 months
👉🏼Pair 200 per month 20,000 X 6 months
👉🏼Pair 500 per month 50,000 X 6 months
👉🏼Pair 1000 per month 1,00,000 X 6 months
Note - : Every Income count in one calendar month
(3):- Direct Referral Bonus
👉🏼1st level 4%
👉🏼2nd level 3%
👉🏼3rd level 2%
👉🏼4th level 1%

✈🚀💷💷💷✈🚀 (4)- रिवार्डस इनकम 💥💥💃🕺_*
_🔰 15 Pair =Smart Phone
_🔰 30 Pair =32 LED T.V
_🔰 75 Pair =Bangkok Pattaya Tour
_🔰 150 Pair =Dubai Tour
_🔰 300 Pair =Apache bike
_🔰 1,000 Pair =Alto 800/Eon 🚘
_🔰 2,500 Pair = TATA Nexon / Brezza
_🔰 5,000 Pair =XUV 500 / Verna*
_🔰 10,000 Pair =Mercedes Benz / BMW
_🔰 15,000 Pair =Jaguar XE

Concept ऐसा है की बहुत आसानी से सबकुछ Achieve किया जा सकता है​! अगर आप इच्छुक है तो अधिक जानकारी के लिए बिना समय को गवाए, अभी सम्पर्क करें
Any Query / Help Contact 📞 8130599172
Best Wishes GieBiz Team

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