Innovative Business Development Information Center

IBDIC -Proposed- Project-Proposal

Aims and objectives of the- IBDIC- Project:

New Products - Projects – Brilliant Creative – Ideas – Concepts -Services –Identification:

Assisting entrepreneurs -businesses on expansion-diversification mode in identifying from world over fast moving, highly profitable unique new products – projects - brilliant creative ideas - concepts-services in any branch of science, engineering, manufacturing technology, internet related emerging fields, trading, imports, exports or emerging hi-tech-areas to be implemented - part time - full time in fields of their choice or suggesting after consultation out of our massive resources new products- projects - services - as per their liking and confidence to move ahead.

Importance- Of- Right- Products-Projects -Identification – the Science Involved:-

Identifying timely right products - projects - services is the key to making or breaking the future prospects of the project growth. This is not as easy as it seems to be because Identifying new fast selling needs based products – projects - services is one of the most complex processes. It involves great in-depth research on hundreds of subjects and going through thousands of relevant documents.

Innovative Business Development Information Center IBDIC is not an Internet research based-project.

Years of time and massive investment has gone into making ready this in house repository. It contains millions of authentic, verifiable standard expensive sources-resources plus vast collection of global press clippings to save hell of time and money for the info seeker in identifying fortune making projects.

Advisory support services for the future entrepreneurs from a to zzof :-

Designing Aspects of simple to complex in demand items-projects for the benefit of the society. Prototype Development with vendor lists and project life cycle along with power of technology that is of inclusive developmental and low cost Exploring sources in finding -Know-How, technology transfer wherever feasible keeping in mind patent laws. We also take up turnkey assignments.

Sources of new products-projects funding

Assisting entrepreneurs in getting the project appraised for funding through all possible Indian-foreign sources, venture capitalists, seed funding financing institutions, banks or private equity investors with or without the collateral or as the case may be.

Growing Business- Marketing and export promotion Plans:- Providing advisory support services in making business plans, exploring disruptive business models to outsmart the existing competition. Explaining strategic marketing strategy, for implementation -ins -and- -outs of existing and would be Competition expected and securing the identified products- projects to fulfill long cherished dreams of entrepreneurs expanding locally- exponentially.

Benefits to the Info seekers-entrepreneurs-businesses looking for new products-projects:

For the entrepreneurs there is no need to undergo any training or purchase and study expensive publications-resources. Its straight away understanding the identified new project- laying hands to start with the project in the minimum possible time.

Business Proposal from IBDIC:-

The IBDIC project can be set up anywhere in India or in any part of the world.

What we are looking for?

Industry experts, policy makers, companies, innovators, entrepreneurs, research centre’s individuals from across the globe who are interested in making wish to set up IBDIC Centre,

What we shall be offering to the interested party who wishes to set up IBDIC project

In India or in any part of the world, we shall transfer complete know how with millions of sources-resources-press clippings. We will assist in all possible ways to make it a grand success for the benefit of millions of entrepreneurs-businesses