Quantet Marketing Plan and Review

Status of Quantet Marketing Plan - Not Paying Right Now
Payment Gateway - INR Indian Bank
Minimum Investment - 3,500
Minimum Withdrawal - INR 500 (manual withdrawal)

About Quantet Marketing Plan ?

Quantet Marketing is a Sales and Marketing Company Head Office in Mumbai, Maharashtra Indian and branch office all over India.

Quantet Marketing is a Manufacturer of Electronic Items and has also an E-Commerce Portal just like FlipKart / Amazon / SnapDeal etc.

Company is also going to Launch Recharge Portal for Mobile Recharge, Bill Payment, Hotel & Flight Booking, Online Shopping etc from the Return received from the Company.

Company have to spend Lakh’s of money in promotion and marketing so Quantet Marketing now started in Network Marketing so that with that money, Company can expand the business and generate good return and from that return, Company distributes the same between their members according to packages.

Company is providing strong Network Marketing platform with a strong Referral Management Program which allows maximum growth and is the easiest way to profit with least investment of time and money.

Quantet Marketing offers a wide range of Plan & Packages from INR 3,500 to INR 1,00,000. According to package – Company is offering you Electronics Items (with GST Paid Invoice) and more over Company is also providing 1% and 2% return (as Re-Charge Bonus) per day on your investment.

Key Features of Quantet Marketing Plan:

  • You get Product Item on all the investment package
  • You get GST Paid Invoice
  • ROI (Daily Recharge) payable from Monday to Friday
  • Payments withdrawal directly in Bank Account
  • ID to ID Fund Transfer facility available
  • Total deduction 15% (TDS + Admin)
  • You get complete promotional material after activation of your ID
  • Product delivered within 5-7 days
  • In future, Company will Launch Recharge Portal

Quantet Marketing Plans & Packages :

Company offers 06 (Six) types Business Plan with their simple Referral and Earn Program. Each package have their own benefits as per details below : –


Plan 1 :

Joining Amount : ₹2,966/- + GST (18%) = ₹3,500/-

Daily Income : 1% 200 days (as Daily Recharge)

Booster Income : 1% 150 days (as Booster Income)

Product : Microkey (F11/R01/F22): Qty 1 Nos.

Binary Capping : Daily ₹8,000/-

Plan 2 :

Joining Amount : ₹5,932/- + GST (18%) = ₹7,000/-

Daily Income : 1% 200 days (as Daily Recharge)

Booster Income : 1% 150 days (as Booster Income)

Product : Microkey (F11/R01/F22): Qty 2 Nos.

Binary Capping : Daily ₹15,000/-



Plan 3 :

Joining Amount : ₹14,407/- + GST (18%) = ₹17,000/-

Daily Income : 1% 200 days (as Daily Recharge)

Booster Income : 1% 150 days (as Booster Income)

Product : Microkey (V888) OR Puncher (F800/A8) Qty: 1 Nos.

Binary Capping : Daily ₹25,000/-

Plan 4 :

Joining Amount : ₹25,424/- + GST (18%) = ₹30,000/-

Daily Income : 1% 200 days (as Daily Recharge)

Booster Income : 1% 150 days (as Booster Income)

Product : Tablet + Microkey (F11/R01/F22) + T-Shirt

Binary Capping : Daily ₹45,000/-



Plan 5 :

Joining Amount : ₹50,847/- + GST (18%) = ₹60,000/-

Daily Income : 1% 200 days (as Daily Recharge)

Booster Income : 2% 150 days (as Booster Income)

Product : Tablet + Microkey (V888) + Leather Bag + T-Shirt

Binary Capping : Daily ₹70,000/-

Plan 6 :

Joining Amount : ₹84,746/- + GST (18%) = ₹1,00,000/-

Daily Income : 1% 200 days (as Daily Recharge)

Booster Income : 1% 150 days (as Booster Income)

Product : Tablet (2 Nos.) + Puncher (F800/A8) – 2 Nos.+ Leather Bag + T-Shirt

Binary Capping : Daily ₹1,00,000/-


Quantet Marketing Plan Offers 04 (Four) Types of Income :

(1) Daily Recharge Income :

After joining any Package of Quantet Marketing Plan, in additional Product you get – you will get 1% Daily Recharge bonus for 200 days from the days of purchase of Packages.

(2) Direct Referral Income :

You will get 5% as Direct Referral Income, if any person joined directly with your Sponsor ID.

Unlimited Direct Referral allowed and No Capping on this Income

(3) Binary Income

Important Income of this plan is Binary Income, where you do not have to do anything and you get money automatically.

You get 10% as Binary Income of the business value matching on both legs Left and Right side (1:1 ratio unlimited depth). Two direct referral is must.

Power Leg Carry Forward and Binary Capping as mentioned in Plan.

quantetmarketing binary income
quantetmarketing binary income
(4) Booster Income

Booster Income means, Chance to double your Daily Income

To achieve Booster Income, you have to refer 2 direct sponsor (1 left & 1 right) of Same Package or Higher Package within 13 business days effective from date of joining

After Achieving Booster, you get daily income double as 2% daily.

Booster Income (1% daily) is applicable for 150 days only after that 1% daily

How To Join Quantet Marketing Plan?

I hope, after seeing seeing amazing income Plan of Quantet Marketing Plan (Unique Concept – Product with Return) you must be exited to know how to do join and start earning daily.

Joining Quantet Marketing Business plan is very simple process, just follow the below steps for Free Registration : –

Step 1 –   First of All Click On : http://www.quantetmarketing.com/Sign-Up?aff=ajay102030
Step 2-   After clicking on the above link, a Registration Form will open and you have to fill the Form with the following details : –
  • Full Name (as per PAN Card & Bank Account)
  • Desired Username (Of your choice)
  • Choose Password (of your choice but keep confidential) and re-confirm your Password
  • Valid E-Mail ID
  • Valid Mobile Number (Very important for OTP)
  • Select Country & City
  • Type Address & Area Pin Code (This can also be changed after login Dashboard under Profile Information)
  • Type Sponsor User Name as : 500132
  • Select Placement Leg : RIGHT Side (for Power Leg)
  • Tick the I Agree Terms of Services
  • Then finally Click on Register Button.
Step 3-   Done, you you have successfully registered and you will get your username and password on your mobile.

<< Process to Top-up / Activate your ID >>

Step 4-   Now to activate your ID, Make Payment of your Desired Package Amount through IMPS or NEFT to any of the below Bank Account of Company
Step 5-   After Making Payment, you can also send screenshot to customer care or your upline for ID Activation.
Step 6-   Done! Your account activated and you will start getting daily payment from next day morning.

Step 7-   Quantet Marketing Awards

Quantet Marketing Awards
Quantet Marketing Awards
Quantet Marketing Awards

Quantet Marketing Awards
Quantet Marketing Awards
Quantet Marketing Awards

Contact Details of Company

Admin Office Address : 002, Ground Floor, Moonaz Queen,Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (w), Mumbai – 400061, Maharashtra, India.
Sales Deptt. Address : 101, First Floor, Moonaz Queen, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (w), Mumbai – 400061, Maharashtra, India.
Contact No. : +91 99874 93455
Mail ID : sales@quantetmarketing.com
Website : www.quantetmarketing.com

Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Legal Documents

If we talk about Legal Documents of Quantet Marketing Plan, company is having all the Legal Documents and some of the documents are : –



Other Legal Documents Like GST Registration / MCA Approval available on request in Office Visit.

Quantet Marketing Plan Final Review

Quantet Marketing has very new and very unique concept in MLM Industry, where you get Product of all joining packages and in addition to that, you also get a Daily Recharge Income as Bonus.

We are also offer large number of quality products such as mobile, bags, t-shirts and tablets. With increasing population there is more chance of unemployment. So if you are looking for additional source of income then join us and gain profit day by day.

We are considered as one of the leading sells and multilevel marketing company in India. At Quantet you will find great scope of earning and profit. Once you invest money on any product you will get 1% of ROI this is the attractive part of our plans. Instead of spending millions dollars on tradition business, Quantet attract users by its affordable plans. It is the home based seller and network marketing business but it required immense dedication and hard work for boost income.

Quantet marketing booster team gives you quick opportunity to get success in the field of product base MLM Company. Its only need customer referral as you make more cutomer you will get more profit. This is the simple approach to boost income rapidly. Once you enroll with quantet marketing you’ll given 2x7 support, marketing tools and real time access to the customer. We offer you basic principles for starting a business invest money and buy any plan and grow up your business as much as you can.

In this business you have to inform about quantet marketing plan and encourage them to buy it. So if you join the business you will get direct profit in the form of ROI but you make customer within a day’s you will get high percentage ROI as compare to previous. The main strategy to grow the business is relationship. If you make healthy relationship with people so they join the business. The customers you recruit them called downline customers and the customer who recruit you called upline customers all the profit is distributed up to down. So in this way you can rapidly increase business and make your circle profitable.

Quantet marketing booster income is a real booster income path and booster will activated after 2 directs on both legs within a 13 days effective from date of joining . Many people who are associated with us getting good amount of money as per their performance. So if you are wondering for the marketing business you can join us because on the basis of your investment we offer 1% or 2% ROI sharable profit

Company Strategy

Purpose to be a leader in the sales and marketing industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability

Vision to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers and to be the leading sales and marketing company in india.

Mission statement to build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Core values we believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovative marketing strategies.We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

Goals regional expansion in the field of sales and marketing and develop a strong base of key customers. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services. To build good reputation in the field of sales and marketing and become a key player in the industr

Please join at your own risk that you may lose out on your investment…but you are getting Product of your joining Package – Hence, there is very less RISK.

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